Origami: Photos and Diagrams

by Jens-Helge Thuelen-Dahmen


Venetian masks    

“Venetian Masks“ is the man topic of this page. Each of these masks was made with only one piece of paper. No glue was used! The masks do not unfold when worn and when pulling on the rubber bands on each side. If you know about crease patterns, you will easily be able to make the masks yourselves. You will need two-colored paper, size 35x35 cm (13.75x13.75“).

  Armida: crease pattern

  Arlecchino: crease pattern 

  Colombina: crease pattern 

  Diavolo: crease pattern 

  Dottore Balanzone: crease pattern 

  Maggiolino Dorata: CP    

  Pantalone: crease pattern 

  Pinocchio: crease pattern